DB21 3 Strand Bracelet (2 Colors)
This bracelet is perfect to wear on its own or mix and match.  It is...
DB22 5 Strad Tan Bracelet
This bracelet has five different strands of mixed beads on an elastic band, so it...
DB23 Single Stone Bracelet (3 Colors)
These bracelets are perfect to mix and match.  They are solid beads on an elastic...
DB24 3 Strand Mix Bracelet (2 Colors)
These bracelets have 2 solid gold beaded bands and then a mixed gold either pink...
DB25 Wood & Stone Bracelet (3 Styles)
These bracelets have a lot of detail.  They have a wood bead base then a...
DB26 Grey Bead & Gold Bracelet
These bracelets have grey beads and mixed with gold cylinder beads on an elastic band.
SoulKu Gemstone Necklace (12 Styles)
We love jewelry that makes a difference!  A portion of your purchase supports non-profits that...
SoulKu Beaded Bracelets (12 Styles)
A portion of this purchase supports non-profits that empower women, children, and families. Each bracelet...
N1108 Wrapped Grey Teardrop & Crystal Necklace
34" necklace with wrapped teardrop and crystal accent
N1162 Wood Beaded Necklace (2 Colors)
34" Wood beaded necklace with gold quarterfoil detail
N1168 Beaded Necklace Circle Accent (3 Colors)
Wood beaded 34" necklace with gold circle and wood accent
N1175 Beaded Bar Necklace (3 Colors)
wood and gold beaded bar 16-18" necklace